Value Proposition

There is a natural fit between ITS and Public Transport and the synergy created by co-hosting the i-Transport and UATP Conference and Exhibition 2017 paves the way for significantly greater continent-wide and international participation to open new avenues for smart transport operations across Africa. ITS South Africa and the UATP welcomes ITS Africa as a co-host.

“Future of Public Transport: Go Green – Go Smart” combines three very powerful business drivers (Public Transport, ITS and ITS/Public Transport in Africa) into one event to offer speakers, delegates, exhibitors and partners the ideal platform to engage with senior industry leaders and government decision-makers.

If you are serious about ITS and Public Transport business in South Africa and on the continent, you must be here.

Firstly, Intelligent Transport Systems

ITS solutions and value-add lies at the heart of the future of all transport. All the pressing transport-related challenges require ITS as part of the solution across all modes of transport, ranging from:

  • Traffic management and congestion mitigation;
  • Deployment sensor and data sourcing, collect transport and travel data, data structuring, warehousing and data mining;
  • Play active role with Big Data and Smart City developments;
  • Improving operational efficiencies;
  • Promoting public transport and effecting a modal shift
  • Make using transport easier for commuters and travellers and provide advanced traveller information
  • Payment systems and integrated ticketing solutions
  • Combat overloading, e-law enforcement and contribute towards reducing fatalities and injuries.

Secondly, Public Transport:

The world’s growing population and the rapid rate of urbanisation brings crippling congestions and the strategic solution includes a significant modal shift away from daily usage of private vehicles towards public transport. Hence i-Transport and UATP Conference and Exhibition strongly support the UIPT’s campaign to double public transport usage by 2025. South Africa plans several more BRT systems in addition to those already operational and several African capitals are also investing in BRT and other modern public transport systems.

Thirdly, ITS in Africa:

Sources such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund indicate that Africa’s GDP continues to show a positive trend line. With significant investments taking place, this is a new growth market for ITS and for Public Transport. ITS Africa has been established to support sustainable smart mobility solutions on the Continent.

This is the official website for all bookings to the i-Transport and UATP 2018 conference and exhibition, hosted by ITSSA and UATP in association with ITS Africa.